Super Duper Giveaway

hello all!

Today I came across very cute giveaway from lovely blogger Jenny

I can’t resisit of taling part in this giveaway because I’m absolute cMizon cosmetic lover. love snails despite their yukky effect!

You can enter giveaway here

And Good luck to us all!


Helpful tips to enrich your eCommerce website

No need to tell that eCommerce is getting more and more popular nowadays. Every 2th person owns an online shop and every 5th does shopping online. Today I’d like to address my post to those who run their business online and want to get more out of it with the help of quick tips.

  • Make it look Attractive. Most of the visitors associate your website with your business. Therefore, your goal is to make that website as pretty and functional as possible to attract more customers. But stick to a rule that everything has to be wise: don’t overload the visitor with bright colours or long texts. However, don’t go the opposite way and burden a visitor with overly bright colours and extensive texts. An elegant minimalism is proven to work best and it’s very smart to follow this rule. 
  • Update the content and keep it short. Fresh content is a “must have” for your business. Try to update your visitors with fresh news, products description and tutorials. Good and relevant content keeps people coming back to you. A good trick is to write short but compelling posts thattell customers why they should buy from you and what special offers you can make. Continue reading

Top 10 WordPress Portfolio Themes

Modern photography world nowadays wouldn’t survive without websites and online portfolios, and there are some serious reasons for it. First of all, there is nothing easier than just browse the web and find exactly what you need, in our context – a photo site. Secondly, building a high-quality website, without spending a few thousand dollars, is absolutely real. Even the amateur artist can do it himself. The third argument is that beautiful photos deserve a worthy frame. All three aspects can be transformed into one conclusion – you need a WordPress theme. Today it is the hottest publishing platform for photography sites that opens wide prospects for everyone who deals with photo art. Here is presented really tasty collection of themes that will tell the story of your art. Continue reading